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For my project, I use the konstra template, and I need to move the social icons displayed in each content: by default they are displayed in the header -> I want to keep their display, but change their location.

So I kept the display of social networks in the parameters : Blog / Details

And then, to move them, I edit the default.php file :

and I move this line to the place I want :
echo JLayoutHelper::render('joomla.content.social_share', $this->item);

can you confirm that this method is correct and that this modification will not be overwritten during Template updates please

If someone can confirm the recommended method to me please,


Accepted Answer
Hello pulsar,
Thank you for your question. But it is not recommended to edit the default files. This will be lost or create issues when any update will come.
You can create the same social icon module by following these steps.
1. Go to Modules and make a duplicate of Offcanvas Menu

2. Change the name and position.

3. Delete everything except Icons Group

4. Make it published and save everything.

5. Now use your module to any page by using Joomla Module addon.

- Best regards
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Hello Ofi Khan,

thank you so much

sorry for the late,

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