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  2. Thursday, 20 August 2015
When you filter on multi-lingual in the Joomshaper support forum you retrieve very interesting topics. However, clicking on the forum entries to view the details gets you to a 404 error page.
Can you fix this please? so I do not have to asked the same questions again. They concern adding the language selector and building a multi-lingual site with PageBuilder for the OnePage template. Thx.
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Hi there,

Thanks you for the heads up. Much appreciated.

As for multi-lingual settings, they belong purely to your Joomla core layer and don't depend on our templates. Your best port of call would be forums.joomla.org or/and internet tutorials.


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there are two issues related to the OnePage template and I believe with other templates from you.

1.) If you have set up your joomla site as multilingual you define a "main menu" for each language i.e. in my case English Menu, German menu, French Menu. If you use one of the templates come with the standard joomla installation you can switch from one language to the other using the language switcher. When you switch the language the templates allows to display the corresponding menu (German, English, French). The issue with the OnePage template is that in the template settings under "Menu" you have to select 1 (one) menu and the template forces this menu regardless of the language selected. So if I have selected the English Menu in the template settings and I switch to German in the front end I do not get a menu displayed. If the template would not force a menu the menu Joomla would probably show the menu corresponding to the language selected on the front end.

2.) In the OnePage layout proposed in your demo I want to add a language switcher module in the menu section. However, if I do so with a module of type Language Switcher the menu does not display correctly anymore. Any suggestions of how or where to add the language switcher (other than in the offcanvas menu) so it is visible on the site in the layout you use in your demo (which is absolutely great).
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