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  2. Friday, 21 February 2020
I purchased a pro subscription with the page builder but I haven’t used the product yet and my support expires in a week after the expiration date would I still be able to download the themes and plugins, I know that I will know longer get any updates
Accepted Answer
During subscription period you can:
a) download a current version of the component
b) download updates if they came
c) Load Page and Section themes from Joomshaper API
d) Export & Save Page themes - I suggest choosing those which you will need in the near future,
and save them.
e) Ask support questions

AFTER it will end:
1) You can install and use SPPB, but remember to download it TODAY
2) You cannot download a new version, nor updates
3) You still can import Page themes which you exported & saved (d)
4) No access to JoomShaper API anymore, it means no Page themes liblary
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Okay, Thank you
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