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Hi guys,

I have site built with Helix and SP Page Builder pages.

I have installed an extension called JA Megafilter to filter DocMan documents
When I create a JA Megafilter module and give it a LEFT position and assign it to an SP Page builder menu type, it loads correctly as expected.
I have another menu use to display the results from the JA Megafilter and also assigned to JA Megafilter module (LEFT position) to appear in this menu as well.
The problem is that in the results page, the LEFT position of the module is not respected and the module is load inside the sp-main-body html element.

The url were the page loads correctly is this one
The url were the page does not show correctly is, for example: this one

Do you know why the position changes here?


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This requires an explanation. And I'll do it, for that would Joomshaper team paid attention to it and took measures to correct.

In fact, all vice versa. The page that you think is the correct display - is not correct. This is a bug in the Helix Ultimate (or SP PB) when using lateral module positions on SP PB pages. All site layout breaks down and does not work properly.
When operating correctly, it should be placed in container 1140px width . Or in fluid (full width) container, if you set it.

The correct view of the container when 1140px width (it had to be so, but a bug interferes with this).
And it works on any other templates except Helix Ultimate. You can test it on Protostar template.

The correct view of the container when fluid width (if you set it).

A workaround for this problem.
Create, copy of the template style, specifically for this page. And assign it to the menu item of this page. Remove the right and left columns in the main body section. Keep only the component column.

The entire layout of the page, create only with the SP PB. For the filter module use a separate column and Joomla module addon. For the rest of the content, use the inner rows
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To correct the appearance on another page, redistribute the width of the columns in the main body section, in the main copy of the template style.
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Hi Pavel,

Thank you very much for writing such a descriptive answer.
I will be applying your suggestions.

Have a nice weekend.

- Mauricio
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