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Hi, I'm using J2Store and would like to use SP Page Builder to edit the Products (articles).

If I use a basic HTML Text Editor to create the Products - the information (short description) is displayed in the J2Store Catalog. Looks and works fine.

If I use the SP Page Builder editor to create the Products - the information does not display on the J2Store Catalog. Both long and short description do not show. Have tried with and without Page Break.

I have create a sample product created with SP Page Builder to demonstrate at: http://lemonadeteambuilding.com/team-building-activities

Any idea how to make SP Page Builder articles show on J2Store catalog?

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Try to do so: Use the standard editor, filling in it the brief information to display in the directory. Then switch to the SP PB editor and create a complete product card in it. Save the article when the SP PB editor is enabled.
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Thanks Pavel. That works!

When I use both editors to create content, the content created in Joomla's HTML editor only shows on the J2Store catalog - and the content created in the SP PB editor only shows on the article (product page).

I just have to remember to save in a specific order -Save #1 in the Joomla HTML editor and then Save #2 in the SP PB editor. If I do it in the other order the SP PB created content doesn't show on either.

So a bit of a work-around - but it works and gives more control. Thanks again. Rob.
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