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Hi there,

I just started using Spectra and there is a lot of issues in the Documentation of it. Issues such as wrong values, missing values, etc

To start,

(1) in the Slide Show section, it tells you that the images must be 920px and 330px, the size of the silder really?? Yeah no, the pictures correct size is the Thumbnail size, 451 x 314;

(2) Portfolio Section is missing more then half the values to the News Show Sp2 (values in Article Layout and Links Layout), and there is some wrong stuff I beleive, right at the beguining tells you that the position is User2 - Atomic-bottomleft, you cant even select that lol. But I realize the right position is User 2.

Ok, you have the slider, but what about the Part where is says: "Latest Works" with a short description and a read more link??? I added another News Show SP2 module in position User1 but no formatation is applied.

The Tab part I havent got there, but I think that one is fine, not sure yet. The tab module is simple normaly.

I have 1 issue in the website, I have a HUGE "HOME" text in the bottom in top of the footer of my page. I dont know where to remove that. I disabled all the modules but is not that I beleive.

The last problem for now, if it can be fixed easily, or I try it my self, is in the SlideShow module, the animation transition wouldn't work with the value specified (300), would be too fast, and even at normal speed (1000) is a bit weird, like breaking up the transition. If that is an issue with the module, I might try change the Javascript, if there is an easy fix, let me know.

You can check the state of the Website here:

NOTE: I know that the pictures are distorted, because when I did the place holders I did them with the wrong size (as they asked) and then didnt bother to change.

Is it possible to in the future, allow people with premium account or everyone with account, to check the entire Admin section of the Demo??? And make it in some way so we cant change values and just read them? That would be easier and no Documentation would be needed. Something like the joomla demo preview.


P.S.: If I manage to get my website working as the demo, I might take a bunch of printscreens from the settings in the end, and do a topic explaining everything here.

P.S.2: Im still waiting for the update on Crux poor documentation. I starting to get the ideia that JoomShaper does cool templates, a cool framework and some usefull modules, but with a poor documentation.


Sp_Tweet module for Joomla 1.6 in a joomla 2.5 template. I didnt got any error, but it doesnt find the user. Dunno why. I tried like 4 diferent ways.
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Thanks for the update on Spectra docs.

Can you give some tips on how to place the SP_Share in place?

One other thing, what type of menu link is used for Portfolio page and what is used in the portfolio page?? Is it News_Show_SP2? with a diferent animation?? Looks like it xD



I notice that the twitter Module is not working on the demo either. Did Twitter changed his API and the module stop working??
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For portfolio page menu item type is "Category Blog".You will find "Blog Layout Options" for different layout like increasing or reducing article number.You can use these settings to meet up your requirement also.

Required Settings
Category Options
Blog Layout Options
Article Options
Integration Options
Link Type Options
Page Display Options
Metadata Options
Helix Mega Menu Options
Module Assignment for this Menu Item

Go through this path: Menu->Main Menu->Portfolio

SP_Share allows you to display the share button like a button or box style and can be placed at four different positions in an article.
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First we create a module position for "share" in index.php . Just published custom module share module position. Then add css code . Go to custom.css file line.55 to see css code for sp-share.

We will release update sp twitter soon
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Hi there, thanks for the reply.

Yeah I had though it was Category Blog, but what I wanted was to get those iframes effect, etc. With that look as you find in the demo here:


When on mine, on top of being adding a description, the titles are on top and doesnt have the effects.

Any ideias?

About the Sp_share I will have to take a look to that at home, I dont have FTP where I work.

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Ok, I went back on working on my website, so, I manage to get most of the stuff.

I finaly figured out that you do a lot of custom HTML modules, which is not a bad thing, I just never though about it.

And in the process I realize that yeah, the share stuff is not a plugin as I though, but just normal links with images in a custom HTML in the "share" position as you said.

When I saw your reply I though I had to go into the php file, etc creating the position, but after all, its done already.

My only problem now, and I really need help on that one, is to get the Porfolio page working. That is one of the main parts in this template and the documentation only doesnt cover that.

Thanks for all,
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