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  2. Thursday, 29 November 2018
Hi there :)

I have created a question for you on Monday about (Related products vs Related Products bought from J2Store) and since I have not heard from you yet, I just try to describe my problem a little more precisely and hope it can help.

I have purchased the Related Products module from J2Store, as I could see that it was not standard in the PRO edition.
Later, I've found out that when I add products under both Up sells and Cross Sells, a solution similar to the original module from J2Store automatically are created in the Product detail page. This is the case, regardless of whether the original module from J2Store is published or unpublished.

I have no problem with using the 2 similar related product modules that automaticly are generatet when I add some products to the Up sells or Cross sells , but I need to be able to customize them at the same level, otherwise it's a step back in relation to J2store's payment module.

Basically, I only need to view the image with link directly to the product retail page, and maybe also the product title. No add to chart button.
I also need to be able to change the module title as both under Up sells and Cross sells appear as Related products.

I have attached 3 screen images that I hope can show you what I mean :
1 Related products published
2 Related products unpublished
3 Related products settings in module

Hope to hear from you this time :)

Have a nice day
Best Regards
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Thanks for your query. I think you need to knock to the j2store support. Since it's their product. You can check a little thing.
Just rename the marked folders and check if your issue yet exists http://prntscr.com/lpyixz.
Let me know the result of your testing.

-Best Regards
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