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  2. Tuesday, 12 May 2020
Issue 1)
(that is how it shows up in our admin)

And now our site is live we have used the option in Template Options > Advanced to compress javascript and this breaks the slider.

We reversed this and the slider works again.

Issue 2)
When we set the site to "Production" a massive amount of css and javascript appears in the head of each page.

Live URL is here: https://www.gbeservices.co.uk/

This has dropped our page speed massively - and it seems we cannot reverse this???
We have turned "production" mode off and cleared expired cache and administrator cache but the code is still there. Two text files are available to compare before and after if required on request from support.
Accepted Answer
Hello Mark,
Apology for your issue. For issue 1, please do not compress JavaScript. For issue 2, when production mode is enabled, you site speed should be faster. Check this documentation: https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/sp-page-builder/sp-page-builder-3#documentation-heading-2_5

- Best regards
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