1. Rhino
  2. Tuesday, 01 September 2020
My client accidentally messed up the default layout on their website. They inserted a blank column that is causing the navigation bar to display on two lines. How do we remove the blank column shown in the attached screenshot? The column listed "none" needs to be deleted. I don't see a button to delete it. I can only move it within the existing row. Sorry, I know it's probably something obvious that I'm not seeing.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Never mind, I realized you can't actually delete a column. You have to move it all the way to the right position and then adjust columns manually. I figured it out, thanks.
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Thanks for the suggestion, but I still don't see how I delete the blank column from the Settings area. Please see attached screenshot (this is what I get when I click Settings, the Row Settings appear.)
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Hello Becky,
Thanks for your question. Please click here and change column settings.

- Best regards
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