1. Melvin
  2. Tuesday, 31 March 2020
Hello, I've tried to find an answer for this but cannot, I've used SP Page Builder for years and have never had this issue. I'm using the Image Carousel Addon which works perfect in Chrome desktop, Ipad, and mobile modes, in tablet layout the entire slider gets smashed into 1 column. This is the column that's controlling the layout but I can't figure out what's wrong. See pictures. Link to development site: http://dev.shadvin.com/angelicauras/

<div class="sppb-col-md-12 sppb-col-sm-4" id="column-wrap-id-1510745621566">
<div id="column-id-1510745621566" class="sppb-column">
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Maybe the problem is in the Column Settings. Please follow the screenshots. I Hope, it will solve your issue.


Best Regards
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Thank you very much.
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Thank you very much.

You are always welcome:)
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