1. SP Quick Booking (Module)
  2. Wednesday, 30 May 2018
as I ask in the title, Is this a payable module/extension? I have SP Page Builder Pro plan.. aren't included all the extensions in this plan? If I have to pay.. how much is this single module/extension?

and one more question.. where I can check if this module/extension is what I need? The demo page not works, and I saw 2 SS in other post but I can't check if is enough for my necessities, I'll not pay for only check if is ok.
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SP Quick Booking - doesn't have any payment options, It's quite simple solution. If you need real booking component+module I strongly suggest to check Solidres (Free version / Premium), which was also used by us 2x in past in our templates.

Check PM.
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Sorry, we do not sale access to extensions only.
They are included for users who would buy a template subscription.
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  2. SP Quick Booking (Module)
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ahh ok understood.. I don't need a real booking component, I need a "form" booking.. then send a mail.. simple things
anyway I'll check Solidres to see it
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  2. SP Quick Booking (Module)
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