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  2. Saturday, 26 March 2016
Hi, I wanted to know if there is any way to update or add extensions Joomshaper directly from Joomla, without having to download them one by one from their site and luegos upload them to the site in question. :(

Best regards and thank you very much!
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all new extension in Joomal 3.5 have access to this same update system, but it's always a admin choose to update them or not.
It's how Joomla core works. But in Wordpress it's works in similar way you have to click update.
About SP Page Builder or Helix3 core, for example, it's one click update button.
But sure I will talk with our developers about this topic.
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Hi Paul, thanks for your response. I have a doubt. If I want to upgrade directly from Joomla I can not do. For that I have to enter Joomshaper, download the plugin / s, go back to Joomla and upload the package. There is no way to enter a code or download address download administrator Joomla update sites to upgrade directly from cms?

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Maybe I missed something , but our last products can been seen in Update section is Joomla, so all you have to do is mark (v) before name and click install.
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