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  2. Monday, 01 June 2020
Hello, i made a custom top bar and header on Helix Ultimate; i would like that the top bar stay visible on scrolling, with the logo header;
is there a way?

url is: http://projects.cristianopolese.it/test2020/



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Hi. This is possible using css. But first, you need to fix the layout design. All that you have done - have done wrong.
The ID must be unique and not be repeated on the page. You should rename the Menu section, as this ID belongs Menu position.
But this advice is common in the future, that you knew. In your case, you must rebuild the layout, so that would be the menu section does not exist. It is not needed. Menu should be placed in the Header section. All code should be removed that you wrote for it.

Now the menu disappears when scrolling. I think you just want to fix it. Because it is a bad UX.

Thus, you should bring all to the standard form - the logo on the left menu on the right. Then, using css, you can configure the desired look. Including fixing contacts when scrolling.

Or use the following structure:
logo-section (with bacground image)
Then finalization through css.

Of course, you can do so now (position: fixed and ect). But it will be the crutches that if there is a bug in the layout may lead to unpredictable consequences.
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