1. Tixon
  2. Thursday, 13 July 2017
I would like to have a canvas menu in a position visible on computer and this same canvas menu in an other position visible on mobile and tablet.

Is it possible ?

Thank for your help

Best regards


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if I understand you well .. you have to use addcional extenstion which allows you to decide when and which off-canvas menu will be presented.

Menu-Desktop > in [=] > for desktop only
Menu-Mobile > in [=] > for Tablet and Mobile only

J! Extensions: Advanced Module Manager or MetaMod - should be useful for it - from my long experience.
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  2. Tixon
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What is avanced module manager ?
I can put the menu for mobile and tablet but the CSS isn't right. I don't find the CSS for canvas menu With the fa-bar but only a normal menu. I can set the menu in the right place but not With the right look. I had create two places and Take the same menu. I can show the right menu for mobile and tablet and not for computer. And the inverse in another place. Just the CSS not right.
Tanks for your help.
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  2. Tixon
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A extension from Holland developer offered with 2 versions Free/Pro.
In theory yes you can also via CSS3 Media Queries hide/show [=] menu

But both ways are beyond our support, so you have to be more independent/self-sufficient.
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  2. Tixon
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Hi Paul
i set this extension but my problem is on the css because i can set my menu in the right place with sp page builder but when i set the module Canvas menu in a place in sp page builder the look isn't the same. you can see two menu in my picture : one upstairs and the second in Canvas look.
I set the logo on left, two banners on right of the logo, some social icons under the two banner(module left) and the menu canvas (module right) under the two banner.
So the look on the copy of the canvas menu isn't right.
What do you think about this ?

Thanks a lot

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  2. Tixon
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No no...
Menu is (should be) always part of template, not inside SP Page Builder.
So You have to use Menu module inside Module position.
Believe me it will be easier to manage.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Tixon
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i don't find so the solution to have the menu on right of the social icons on adaptative design
do you have an idea for that ?
Thanks a lot for your patience
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  2. Tixon
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Maybe you should play with float:left / right .
Sorry but all those "games" are beyond support.
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  2. Tixon
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