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  2. Wednesday, 04 July 2012
I tired read many posts around little (but important) questions.
I can't find full manual, where describes so aspects, as

1. Connection main menu with K2 (and vice versa) and others menus (for instance, i did in the main menu copy of the HOME and renamed it. But this Menu don't visible nor in the K2 Categories, nor in Articles, not in the Articles Manager). And circle of this task is LARGE. How can i read 1 serious manual, but don't run as monkey in the topics of the forum and looking reply in the anothe topics? Please e-mail me vladislavbulatov(ad)gmail.com

2. How can I write by hand REFERENCE (if it is possibly) to some Article (menu content of administrator menu) or some Items (in the menu components - K2), don't use reference like "index.php?Itemid=" or "index.php?option=com_content&view=featured"? Currently it possible in the weblinks manager (menu Component). In others Articles or Categories i can see reference, but can't correct it by hand. Yes, i can redo ALIAS, but this is no way - i want write manually full reference. I made in the Global Configuration "Use URL Rewriting" to position YES, but this didn't help.

3. It related to the item 2, but another: i want do additional domain to my (for instance xxx.domain.info). Question: Is i need register 3-rd level domain xxx as independent domain to domain.info, then install there joomla, install template NEWS-II and make reference to the article of another domain (but again - how could i write by hand reference like musicians.domain.info/forum, style.domain.info/jazz, etc...) ?

Also questions in connection to multilanguage (european, arabic, hierogliph) - i mean not automatical translate, but correct connection between languages and human understandable reference at the same time.

I foresee in the future questions about turning Client's cabinet and other tweaking of the template parts, because LOOKING 400-500 PAGES GOOD MANUAL. Thank you for patience and reading to the end.
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Your topic is quite unclear. Please write in brief.
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  2. News - II (not supported)
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What is UNCLEAR? I am looking serious, full manual. That is all.
And you think that 2 item is unclear?
Thank you fro reply.

P.S. I just wrote scintilla of the questions. But i will not litter Forum petty questions.
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  2. News - II (not supported)
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