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  2. Thursday, 27 July 2017

on my installation (Joomla 3.7.4, SP Page Builder PRO 2.4.9, Revibe template 1.7, PHP 5.6.20) some simple addons does not work (for example empty space - but only some of it). I tried to seacrh why, and I discovered, that some addons IDs are generetad like this:


which is not valid ID, so even the CSS rule does not work.

Could you confirm, if this is bug, or how to avoid it? Currently half of blocks do not work correctly so Page builder is useless at the moment.


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this is problem appear on some hosting only, it's wrong PHP setting.
I will tomorrow ask developer for help : How we can solve it.
Are you able to switch PHP version to 7.0.x ?
Ask hosting support if you cannot find this option in your panel.
I wonder if this may help.

thanks for fast reply. Accidentally currently I am not able to switch PHP, as on the same server is still running some Joomla 2.5 website. However I tried temporarily switch to PHP 7.0.6, and the problem remained. Tried to delete the addon, add again, empty cache, but still the same E+12 ID.
Ok, thanks for trying.
I added ticket to our developer 10 min ago.
Probably we have to add extra filter to function to remove that marks.

any news on this?
It will be fixed in next SPPB update, I hope in next days,
sorry for delay.
Thanks, if there is any beta, please let me know, I could make tests for you...
I have big request from developer,
it's possible to get access to your cpanel/hosting panel for one day?
We have to check some php settings.
Yes, please use PM to send or I will send you my e-mail

I am sorry, but it is impossible. First it is not my server (server of my customer), second it does not use cPanel, but some other native solution. However, if you need, I can send you PHP info or anything else, you would need. Just tell me what to test, or what settings you need to check.

Oh, but I hope at least FTP access you can send me.
Without we are blind.

see PM

For evidence purpose here is screenshot with issue from your 2nd website
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the initial problem is not in PHP but in javascript, as javascript is responsible for creating IDs. Thosse IDs created in my case overflowed 32bits, thats way PHP encoded it with scientific format E+12.

Solution is to enhance json_encode and json_decode functions by option JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING. I didn't test everything, however if you change in file /administrator/components/com_sppagebuilder/builder/classes/addon.php and ajax.php all json_encode like this

json_encode($datas, JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING)

and json_decode like this

json_decode($json, false, 512, JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING)

All starts to work fine (see my demo site). Maybe, as json functions are used also on many other places in SP Page Builder, other occurances should be also extended like this, or maybe a extend too many accorances, as I told I didn't have too much time to test everything.

Please consider including this patch to next release.

Wow... thanks, we all have PHP 64bit maybe that's why we didn't noticed this before
That would be the point :-)
After few tests, seems that json_decode replacemant is enough...

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