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  2. Wednesday, 13 May 2020
"Can't find Joomla setup file...can't be installed through the Extension Manager"

I have the latest Joomla install. I'm trying to upload the education LMS template. Then, I went into my file manager and extracted the files, but still no template. Please advise.

By the way, what are the advantages of Joomla vs. Wordpress?
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sorry, do you know how to use Joomla at all?
WordPress vs Joomla works in a different way.
At least please read this: https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/joomla-templates/dylan#how-to-install-quckstart-demo

What are the advantages of Joomla vs. Wordpress?

Easy to find on Google. It's a topic for a long article, even a book chapter, not a forum answer.
Besides the number of opinions, the most important difference is that in Joomla you need fewer plugins, components (extensions) to launch the website. For example, I install maybe 3-4 (firewall, backup, sp page builder, SEO) - to get all the basic features I need. In Wordpress min. 10 and I am not even close.
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I think if you're a beginner:
1) Download Quickstart (it include Joomla inside)
2) Unzip files
3) Install it
4) Play
Honest advice:
And if you live in a city, maybe somebody from your neighborhood can teach you the basics of Joomla. It's a long process and with a human teacher you can save a lot of time. I have students in my country, and in 3-4h they can learn more than in a week alone.
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