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  2. Sunday, 23 August 2020

I use sp page builder pro, and I create images slider using sp page builder pro.
Now, when I look at code and test my site with SEO tools, there is a problem with inline CSS.

In the global configuration of sp page builder pro, I set options: Production Mode to "YES".

When I check the source code, there is an inline CSS code.

Is it possible that the inline CSS code is saved in the CSS file? For example in folder mytemplate/ css/ mycss.css or it can be anywhere in css file.

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Hey. Your code looks like you are using the SPPB module. The module code is not placed in the production css file. And this is not possible to fix. Therefore, in my projects I try not to use SPPB modules, if possible. I raised this question a long time ago, but it remained unanswered. :(

But in any case, the validity does not affect anything.
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Thank you for your reply!
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