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  2. Monday, 26 August 2019
I want to display all posts from our facebook-account automatically in a "News" topic of our homepage.
I am responsible for the homepage, others care for the fb posts.
So if they publish a new fb post, this should be presented on our homepage.
A single post via html is easy but manually to integrate.
For because I'm lazy, I want to do nothing to display the new posts on our site.
Do you provide an adequate solution?
Your SP FB Module unfortunately seems not to be for this issue.
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For because I'm lazy,

I am lazy too*, so please search proper module on Joomla Extension Directory.
FB - today is on, tomorrow can be Off. And your website would lose all your news.

*Joke, but in general we are not a consultancy company.
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For only $10 there is a Joomla module which will automatically grab Facebook posts, photos, and videos and beautifully display these feed on your site.

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