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  3. Friday, 17 January 2014
Some images disappear when the carousel powered image slide tries to load the next image. Check the homepage of my website http://www.wavecreststudycentre.org.ng. Same thing happens when I click on the home slide.
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Hi, Please add content for others slide. Better the see the helix template. Go to the module manager position name feature . From here you can see the HTML for carousel slider......

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"Please add content for others slide." I really don't understand this line. But the module position is feature.
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Open the module name Front Page Feature. Now edit the html.
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Hello, I had the same problem, but was solved after hard work. Please follow the following steps and also see the attachements.:p

Copy the following into the index.php file by clicking : template_manager: ---- templates ---- Shaper_helix_ii Details and Files ---- Edit main page template

Step 1: text to be copied:

((( here you should put the word script between a less than sign and more than sign )))
jQuery('.carousel').each(function(index, element) {
jQuery(this)[index].slide = null;
((( here you should put the word /script between a less than sign and more than sign )))

Step 2: where it needs to be pasted (to the bottom of the head section):

....See the attatchment...
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