1. Joris Stolker
  2. SP Page Builder 3.x
  3. Tuesday, 19 December 2017
Hi guys,

I have tried your media manager what looks good.
But i think one thing is still missing and that is sizes.

For users:
For users usability should be awesome so you should easy add an image and choose the size.
Or it works out of the box automatically, but then it must be configured.
You can do it like wordpress or just every picture possibility to easy resize (with presets).
Customers that i have, and that are likely using builders do not want to think about the sizes.
Just choose an image and ready.

Google and speed:
For google and speed you want the most optimal images so an image of 2000 width you do not want to fit in a place for max 400px width.

If you ask me you should have the possibility's
1. Resize images
2. Option in settings to resize image on upload (so like max size for upload and on upload it resizes, strip metadata)
3. Have preset image sizes (customer should not think about how much pixels)
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yes we have some improvements plans in future, next months.
we also wait for Media Manager improvements in upcoming Joomla.
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Yes that is also allot better than the media viewer we have now :-D
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  2. SP Page Builder 3.x
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I am looking forward to this feature, too. I am just wondering why your team missed such an essential feature... :o
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If Joomla 4.0 introduce this feature, we will use its "engine" inside SPPB, which will the safest & effective way.
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