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  2. Saturday, 08 August 2020
The "Image Layout" Addon does not work on subsequent pages of the menu: by making any title positioning option, the title always remains positioned under the image. Also, "Front End Editor" doesn't work, it appears completely blank. I tried to create new lines, to modify the previous ones, nothing at all.
It only works on the Home Page but is perfectly identical to everything else.
Joomla 3.9.20 and Sp Page Builder 3.7.4 Pro
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Update: the problem seems to be related to the management of the menu. If the page is not the main menu but a sub-item, the "Images Layout" addon does not work or even completely disappears, leaving only the other lines with other addons. Furthermore, the Frontend Editor shows something totally different from the Preview: in fact, the Frontend shows the addons working and responding to changes, while the Preview in many cases does not show the addons Image Layout at all.
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Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please watch the video.


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