1. Joris Stolker
  2. SP Page Builder 3.x
  3. Tuesday, 19 December 2017
Hi guys,

I am really happy to see version 3 of the builder!
You guys have done a great job!

One thing that is still a big issue and that is images in text blocks.
Default joomla has kinda no media manager.
JCE has a worse one..
You guys have created a nice one but i cant use it in the content.

What if you add under the text field a button "Add media" and you use your media manager?
Or just accept adding the XTD buttons under the editor and i can use my own media manager.

Buttons like module, article and so on would be nice if i could add them.
Like regular labs templates, Ark Media buttons and so on.

Thanks for you great extensions!

Best regards,
Joris Stolker
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JCE has a worse one..

wow, I am not sure what to tell now. You have "demolished my worldview".

Anyway... yes, we are planning to improve media manager, but those are plans for upcoming months, not days.
Right now you have to use what is available. Some users use Image addon above/below text addon.
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Sorry for changing your worldview here :-)

You can work with JCE media manager because you are used to it and are good with computers.
A new newbie with not allot experience will not understand what the hell he should do when the media manager comes up. It just like in your face with all the options and good luck with understanding.
Its like the view of filezilla for ftp or winamp for music haha, fantastic for nerds but not friendly for 'normal' users.

I am a webdeveloper for 8 years and an experienced computer user for 20 years and do not understand the JCE media manager without taking time to understand it. Thats not 2017 media manager if you ask me.

That JCE is still populair is something i do not understand...
One reason could be that all users that want it easy already moved to Wordpress.
The nerds that rather have complexity over usability still stayed haha

You with your Builder are changing the Joomla development to a higher easyer CMS so i am really happy with it.
I hope you guys will take some time for the most difficult thing for many (simple) users and that is media management.

Well this is how see it :-D

Have a great day!
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What is funny, when we developed our Media Manager using inspiration from WordPress, many users were angry, why we do not use typical folders as they use to. Only "hidden" folders with date.
From JWC 2017 - I have seen presentation "Image Management on Steroids" by Rick Spaan
- I think this is the future.

YT link: https://youtu.be/u748e4dW_5k
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Well i agree that folders still should be there.
I use Ark Media and that is allot better than JCE and hell lot better than the Joomla media Viewer :-D

Check this one:

A frontend visual builder should be easy.
Images is one of the biggest issue to get easy if you ask me.
A flexible, simple strcuctured media manager is very important.

I still think the images should be structured and possible to add trough ftp.

How i see it:
1. setting max for upload so its never bigger than 1200px (most site's will agree).
2. Auto thumbs so you create a folder thumbs that is hidden in the media manager and on every image you choose a size to put in the website.
2.1 possible to recreate the thumbs if you change the default formats for the thumbs

What i am creating now is a button that popsop three sizes, buttons with small (100x100)/medium(200x---)/large(1200x---).
You choose an option and any size picture you drop on the field will be resized to the chosen format.
To the location that is set for this size image.

I already have that for my intro and full images in the backend. If i have a width and height there is a crop popup. only width does not ask anything to do. I can choose what i want to crop, bigger smaller and location of the picture. But the result is always the size i have set.
Preview of my plugin:

The edit article is opened in an own theme so its not possible to leave the page :-)
Also its more stable for frontend because of all the template issues.
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From JWC 2017 - I have seen presentation "Image Management on Steroids" by Rick Spaan
- I think this is the future.

Oh that image manager looks awesome!
Really joomla minded (crazy options that nerds will love) :-D
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