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  2. Monday, 17 December 2018
On the OneClip template, I'd like to be able to keep my top block (a standard text block) static so that is does not scroll when scrolling the page down. It remains static as the rest of the page scrolls up and over it. It will be the ONLY block I need to remain static, all the rest should scroll normally. Is disabling the scroll feature per block something that could be done using the block ID?
Accepted Answer
I understand you well - to block, make fixed/sticky selected Row - you have to use custom CSS for selected ID name.

For example, Navigation addon has this feature built-in, but this is an addon, not a Row.
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I'll look at the nav addon and see if there is a way to accomplish what I want to be able to do by adapting that CSS to the block ID for that row. Thankfully, you've allowed for block ID's so it "should" be fairly straightforward to specify just the item I want to remain static. I appreciate your prompt response, as usual.


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