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  2. Sunday, 21 July 2019
I have been trying to set up a login module for Helix 3 for the top bar that looks just like the Login module used on the Floox template, but the code is completely different for the mod_login used for each. It "should be a simple matter of CSS, but with all of the changes to the module, I'm lost at this point. Would if be possible using only CSS to create a login module for Helix that looks just like Floox?

Thank you for your help as always!

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if you are not familiar with CSS and JavaScript I suggest finding on Joomla Extension Directory login module.
You can save a lot of time. Sorry, we do not help in customizations.
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I'm familiar with CSS, not javascript. I just assumed that you had created the login module for the Floox template along with the CSS. I appreciate your answer.
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Copy mod_login override from floox, and use Code Inspector from your browser to compare used CSS.
That's all I can help
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