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Hello I'm using Helix 3. I'm a beginner but really I like it, I built my first website with that template. But now I'm blocked. I created 3 articles for America, Europe-Asia and Africa regions. I wanted that people in Africa for example will not be able to access the America region article or Europe-Asia. Same thing for other regions. Please can someone help me how to do that? Thanks in advance

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You will need to find some Joomla plugin which will allow you to define an IP range which will be allowed for each article, but in my opinion, this attempt is really a futile. One can use any kind of IP spoofing or VPN to access your website and be able to read the article for each specific region
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Hi Igor;

Thanks for your answer. I'm really blocked man. I have to launch my business man but the price I'm offering is depending of region. Example Price 1 can be access only by Region1, Price 2 can be access only by Region 2... so on. I will really appreciate if you can help me man or you can advice me a friend of you who can help.

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I really can't help more than I already wrote. Try with Admin tools extension
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