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  2. Wednesday, 20 February 2019
The module on position "logo", shows a default logo from template settings. If I go to the Helix Ultimate template options, basic, hit clear and then save, It still shows a "Gazette" image, If I choose the text option, and write nothing, then the site name appears, I would like to show nothing here!. I know I can remove this position on the layout builder, but is not what I want, I just want nothing showing here, how can I do it? Thanks a lot
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think out the box:
Upload transparent logo image 1x1px (png)
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An alternative method, remove logo module position from the layout.
There are always two ways to solve any problem, all you need is... imagination.
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Thanks, I can think of some workarrounds too, for example there is always css, but what I was looking for was more a way to do it from the template, a setting, Im new to Helix and still learning the options. Thanks for your answers.
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