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  2. Friday, 10 May 2013
I am using template shaper_spectra, I need to use styles8, but I see just
3 styles (style1, style2, styles3) on Template Manager: Preset Styles

Best regards
Accepted Answer
We are really sorry for this kind of problem. Now please just copy the bellow lines and paste it on templates\shaper_spectra\templateDetails.xml file line # probably 151. Here you can see code for style3, so paste it below style3

 <option value="style4">Style4</option>
<option value="style5">Style5</option>
<option value="style6">Style6</option>
<option value="style7">Style7</option>
<option value="style8">Style8</option>

Save and close, now you can see style8 and others on your template manager. Regards.
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Thanks dear Ehsan,

Best regards
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As a long term fix wouldn't it make sense to update the template on the download page?


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