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Dear Kowshar Ahmed,

I saw your cloudaccess.net webinar on the Joomshaper Helix v2 webinar on Tuesday, 8-20-2013. I created a local server on my windows 7 professional edition computer using WAMP. I downloaded and installed the template only and plugin version only for the Helix v2 downloads and installed it in joomla on my local server for testing. The error issue I am getting is that when I created a main menu I am actually seeing to main menus, I will include a number of screen shots which show the front end of the page and the back end of where the main module is created.

I thought it was a cache problem so I cleared it from Joomla but no joy. I also had the t3v3 template install on joomla on my local server. I uninstalled the t3v3 template and plugin, still no joy. Any help or your ideas in this matter would be appreciated.

Rick Ambrosino
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Thank you for responding, I read your reply, at first I was a little confused, but I figured it out as per your instructions. Therefore the "menu" position in the template is really controlled by the template itself. From the template backend you can pick the menu and therefore the menu items included in the menu that you pick. You don't have to create a module for the menu and choose a position for the menu (in this case "menu" position) because you can choose it from the template backend.

The only thing I think might be a draw back is that the "menu" position is tied to the template backend and not to the module manager in core joomla. I have to play with it more, but I get the idea. Thanks again.

Rick Ambrosino
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Please delete the module that you published on menu position will solve the issue. You can change the main menu from the menu tab of your template parameter.
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