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  2. Wednesday, 21 March 2018
Hello, I have checked that you guys have updated the resort template version on 19 Feb 2018. Thus, I would like know how Can I updated this on my website page all new functions, once I passing for bugs with solidres and I hope the last template version can fix that.
Anyway if you guys can do it for me could me amazing... Toufiq has all ftp and acess information..
Thanks and many regards.
Accepted Answer
Please check the screenshots
click here https://prnt.sc/iu4hcq
check if there is any update available https://prnt.sc/iu4g4p
Then just update them.

You could also download the latest version from here
https://prnt.sc/iu4gqg and install it manually.

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Hello, I have updated but I lost a lot of modifications that I have made.

For examplo...
I translate most of solidres information to portugues and right now it is in english...
For exemplo:
ROOM : We have 11 rooms left

and I also changed the fax info that were in this file...:

/templates/shaper_resort/html/com_solidres/reservationasset/default_simple_gallery.php (line 56 - 58)

For a link where the client could see more pictures...(IMAGE 1 - Before Update) or where we do not have fax information the fax field is not showed.
And right now... I tried to do the same modification but it is not working ( IMAGE 2)

How can I fix that?

Obs.: you guy have my ftp information as I told before...
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Your all modifications will be removed for sure. You have to do the same for the new one. If you are facing any issue there just post your query on forum. Since this thread is only asking about updating template. You better create a new post in forum. We'll definitely help you there.

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