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  2. Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Please let me know how can I show k2 item image on News Highlighter?

I added below code to default.php on tmpl folder:
$image='<img class="sp-nh-image" src="'. modNewsHighlighterHelper::getText($item->image) .'" alt="" />' ;
But it doesn't works

Which file(s) should I edit? how?
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Sorry, it is not possible.
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But Ehsan, I done it.
I just added below code at line 49 on default.php in tmlp folder:

$image='<img class="sp-nh-image" src="/forums/media/k2/items/cache/'.md5("Image".modNewsHighlighterHelper::getText($item->id)).'_xs.jpg" alt="" />' ;

Also added $image variable to line 54:

$text = $image.$title.$textintro.$date;

check the attached file.

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