1. SP Page Builder 1.x (not supported version)
  2. Tuesday, 13 September 2016
I am trying to set my menu in a way that one menu item opens a page on top of it and another menu item goes to the same page, but opens it at a specific spot. Can I set an anchor in PageBuilder (how?), or is there another way of dealing with it?


Accepted Answer
each row in Page (inside SP Page Builder) have a ID field, there put your unique name(s)
then inside menu use External link with #UniqueName

so after all you should get OnePage menu.
Please note, that not all template have smooth scroll down effect, but do not worry it can be added few several lines of js code.
On last JUG in Jawor , Alex told about it.
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Thank you for your prompt response.
I added the ID and used external link in menu with #uniqueName. However I must have done something wrong, because when I simply paste the link with #uniqueName it does open at this part of the page where I want it to, however, when I just click menu item it gives 404 error and the link is not proper. I double-checked: the link under external link in the menu is the right one, but when I click the menu item on the front page it for some reason doubles part of the URL and gives 404 error.
Any ideas?

It looks like I found solution - I used the whole link as if it is an external link. Before I used only a part of link starting from "index". Thank you for your help!

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