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  2. Saturday, 21 October 2017
I do not see the option to remove two images and the FAQ portion which comes in every product detail page.
The page is just a JSStore article, which does not have the option for these.
The page is being accessed by a Menu (copy of existing template menu), which has lot of options to change the look and feel of Item View in Category and detail page.

- let me know how the page is built whether SP page builder or Module or plugin option to change the look and feel
- let me know to remove the two promotional images and FAQ in each page at least.

I have attached the image of a product detail which shows this.
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After I changed the settings of these modules, I could able to removed the advertisements and FAQ in all pages.

Ex: Module -> Product-details-ad-01 -> Menu Assignment -> Module Assignment -> No Pages.

Module List

  • Product-details-ad-01
  • Product-details-ad-02
  • faq
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