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  2. Friday, 23 February 2018
i would like remove tags and introtext from articles items in category blog view, i created override html template to folder /template/html/com_content/category/file.php

i noticed that the category blog layout load tmpl from item layout, so , can i how show tags and introtext only in category blog view?

i know i need edit php code in these files

i will stay very happy if you can help me
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Thanks for your query.
Please comment out this line

<?php echo $this->item->introtext; ?>
from this location templates/shaper_calcio/html/com_content/category to remove intro text.

And to remove tags please follow this screenshot https://prnt.sc/iil2ie

-Best Regards
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Okay, I did this and it did not work, because joomla is loading the blog layout from blog.php and not the override file, even though I'm configuring the specific layout category, joomla always loads the blog.php (template default), how to make joomla load override html for category blog? in menu configuration have only layout for articles

about customize html for itens in blog view:

inside the blog.php file has an echo $ this-> loadTemplate ('item'); this does load the layout html for items view, the solution would be to remove that line and enter the custom code for the category page items.

so I already know the path of the stones, now I only need to know how to make joomla load the layout chosen in the configuration of the category
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Sorry for the delay. Loading a template isn't that easy task.
Please share your site url here.

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