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How to remove or edit of product detail page.

The attach file below. I create two product for sell.

1. image royalsports1.jpg of this product look like ok and nice layout for these product detail who's want buy it can fill in for quantity how many they want.
2. image royalsports2.jpg this make me request for advice how can I remove or edit this page because only one selected of list box that's enough and for quantity box must delete (how can i do that please tell me only this page)
3. image royalsport3.jpg a coding I try to find but can not see it.
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Hi arthicha sompan,
No need to edit php files for issue. Just use css display none.....

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You can use css display none for hide quantity box . Just put this css in the vmsite.css file

If you dont want red border color then remove css color code....

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hello jakir hasan

I try to find the css of this page for display none but not easy to find it. do you can tell me more of css.

Of this topic "How to remove or edit of product detail page" I forget to ask you about how to do.

http://www.royalsportsthailand.com the page make me a problem only one page (travel in thailand / product detail) this page same image2 royalsports2.jpg I want only remove or hide the box border color red only.
- can i remove it with css ?
- another page still work fine ?

Only this page (travel in thailand / product detail) that i want to do. Other page (MUAY THAI SHIRTS, THAI BOXING SHORTS) that's ok and very nice layout.

please advise how to do. thank you very much.
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