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This is not an issue nor a bug. It is probably a simple operator error. I need help to overcome something that has gone wrong in my configuration through my inability to understand the process of converting a basic template page (any template for that matter but I'm using Corporate in this example) to a published home page.

My steps are outlined the in attachment. The home page is displayed as a Coming Soon ticker which is completely unexpected since the raw file has all the elements correctly anchored.

How can I get a SPPB Pro template to work as the default web site in my installation? What are the steps to migrate from page template status to published page?

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No this is not a bug, and never was.

Disable Comming soon mode from template options, probably it was enabled by You not by us.
Basic (tab) > Coming Soon Mode: No

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My private advice is...
1) Use offline mode from Joomla Global Configuration, and you would not forget where you enabled it.
2) Create a temporary Offline page using SPPB and set as default menu item, and whole rest menu items set for Super Users

tip 1 and 2 are trusted methods for a temporary period during you are building a new website.
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No this is not a bug, and never was.

Hello Paul,

Thanks again for your reply. As I have mentioned, perhaps sparingly, most of the challenges that I've had are neither issues nor bugs. These self-inflicted mistakes on my part are due to my limited faculties in understanding the required operations. Your knowledge on the subject is several orders of magnitude over my capacity. Please bear with me for a few iterations. The web site that I am working on is purely for self-paced training with no other internal/external users.

I never knowingly enabled Coming Soon and that is the reason why I don't have the slightest clue on how to disable it. How do I get to "Basic (tab"? Apologies for asking you stupid questions but I was unsuccessful in locating this toolbar/button/? from the main menu bar.

I simply want one complete SPPB Template to work as the default site. I have settled on the Corporate template. I watched about 4 hours of YouTube instructions and browsed quick a bit through the online documentation (including Joomshaper) yesterday but somehow the pages now have an original Joomla frame in addition to the SPPB template. I don't understand how this occurs in practice. How can I get only the SPPB template to render on the screen without the original Joomla template (Beez3 or Protostar?) that envelopes all pages? I don't mind any Joomshaper template acting as frame for my selected pages.

The attachments illustrates my predicament. Please help me to have just the SPPB template as the web site for my self-study purposes.

Your guidance and support is sincerely appreciated.

Kind regards.

Attachment 1: What setting is letting SPPB template pickup Beez3/Protostar frame?
Attachment 2: SPPB page in Edit mode (to illustrate absence of any reference to any envelope frame)
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