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  2. Monday, 06 April 2020
How do i find documentation or info on making the template responsive, in sp builder I click on different size in responsive and there is nothing on the template? How do i get it so I can make it work? please
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Could you please share your site URL? And give me a screenshot of your problem which portion you wanna responsive
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I have attached shot 1 when I click on full screen I see everything
Shot 2, when I click on ipad or mobile (smallest) this is all I see I can not edit or???
How do I edit what I want it to look like in all the device sizes?
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Did you talk about this left portion?
Then follow this
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I have looked over your response and video and screen shot and I am so confused? please give more detail. I go to sp builder and see what you ;have shown me ????? still I do not know how to proceed from there. I do know I can turn things off from showing on diff devices. but no matter what I do it stays the same?
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