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  2. Monday, 16 April 2018
I'm trying to make a link from one page to another, where is Tab addon. How does the link has to look like, to open specific Tab?
I tried to make an Anchor in text are in the Tab and/or ad tab name to link but it doesn't work at all.
Here are the page with the link: https://www.podcisarem.cz/53-chalupa-himmelreich.html
Link is at the end of article (cenik).
I'd like to open this page: https://www.podcisarem.cz/kemp/cenik.html
but with the Himmelreich Tab opened.

I hope that my Question is clear. :)
Accepted Answer
sorry it request deeper integration into code. Probably extra JavaScript.
Tabs are based on Bootstrap 3, I guess you should find solution somewhere in Internet web.
By now it's beyond support.
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