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  2. Tuesday, 10 May 2016
I would like to make an anchor link (on a button) to go the bottom of homepage.

I have tried :

Button One URL: http://www.xxx#actu

Addon Title: <a id="actu"></a>My heading1

But html is not supported in the addon title

tks in advance
Accepted Answer
you have to make link to ID of ROW or Section.
Anchor links works with IDs mostly.
But please note that not all templates have built-in smooth (with delay) scrolling down.
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Does it work with Helix3 using PageBuilder, and if so, how to execute the linking to a section ID from a specific row within the page?
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Yes, it will work. But not all templates have smooth scrolling built-in, so in most cases you will have hard jump effect.

Just add link to #ID_NAME inside < a href="#NAME " .... or if in addon you have link option put there.
Those kind of links works only with ID's (!) not Class name.
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Dear Support,
i just successfully added a smooth scroll effect plugin to my joomla site using helix 3 framework. To make it work I need to be able to add a "class" to my menu item links.
Usually this should work using the "Link CSS Style" in the "Link Type" tab of the joomla menu items. Apparently this option does not work with the Helix 3 template. I tried to solve this using the "Custom CSS Class" in the "Helix Menu Options" tab. But this will only add a class to the menu item and not the link itself and therefore it isn't working.
Now what I am asking is:
Is there a work around to reenable the joomla based "Link CSS Style" option with Helix 3 ?
I am sure there is a way to fix this, since a very similar problem with the "page class suffix" could be fixed with some additional lines in the helix 3 template index.php.

If you need any more details, i would be very happy to provide them.
I hope you have a solution. Since Helix 3 and Page Builder are so awesome and smooth scrolling additionally would just be over the top :)

Kind regards
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