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  2. Monday, 31 August 2020

I'm looking for a way to integrate the webshop environment of http://www.prestashop.com in a Joomshaper website. The PS website itself is no problem (just create a link in the menu). But I don't like theire possibilities to process an order.
-Do you have an existing template for PS?
-Or do you have a template that I could use to start with? (I have seen Indigo, Shopin and Arino that are using J2Store, but the possibilities at this moment of J2Store are not fully satisfying)
-or do you have any documentation on how to consult / manipulate any external MySQL database (PS is using WebServices)?

Any other suggestion for (self-) learning this kind of integration?
Thanks in advance.

PS. Is it usefull to let a PS template developper contact Joomshaper for evaluating the possibilities of working together?
Accepted Answer
sorry, we don't develop e-commerce integration software.
In JED I've found only this:

I remember that I have seen a few integrations with OpenCart, so everything is possible,
if you have $$ and time.
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Much more advanced store component for Joomla is one of the commercial versions of HikaShop.
You can use it even in raw Helix Ultimate template.
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HikaShop seems to be a good alternatieve
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