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I need to be able to change the color of the text in the 'title', 'sub title', and 'content' FOR EACH SLIDE. For example, for item 1 (the first slide) I want to make the text red for the title and dark gray for the sub title and content. For item 2 (the second slide) I want to make the text white for the title, gold for the sub title, and green for the content. And then continue setting text colors for each additional slide. Please note that the text colors must be constant for each slide; the colors don't change based on which slide is active.

What's behind this all is that specific images must be used for each slide and only certain text colors are visible depending on the colors in each background image. Some background images are dark, so light text colors show up well, and some background images are light, so dark text colors show up well.

Simply, the requirement is to be able to set the color for each text element that appears on a slide differently for each slide.

I have been able to make the change universally for all slides by setting values in custom.css, but that doesn't meet the need. Each slide reuses the same class for each text element, so I can't figure out how to set different values for each text element for each slide.

How do I do that? Thank you in advance for the help.
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without extra custom CSS is not possible , even probably request more changes like in inside site.php file from slider.
Sorry but all customizations are beyond support.
But I can give you a tip/clue, which may be useful in theory (probably)
because you know order of slides and what exactly changes must be on each use
CSS3 :nth-child() Selector
and custom each slide by its number in order .
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Hi Paul,

Thank you for the reply and the tip. I think the nth-child selector will work since I definitely know the order of the slides having created them in the addon.

I can't imagine other customers not having a need to set the style per slide (particularly because text colors to work with colors in background images). Having to do such a routine task through custom CSS seems like features are lacking; this is one of those things that should probably best be done through the GUI interface of SPPB.

Could my request be added in a future update?
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Sure, I can add, at least there will be discussion about it in team group.
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Thanks Paul. I appreciate your adding that to the list of discussion items.
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