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  2. Tuesday, 20 January 2015
Hello Hi <
I want to edit link at feature position at "features" ..
I don`t know.. when check with firebug.. that icon always show


How to change it . I cannot find the way

that url is

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Feature items comes from joomla feature category items and its showing that article link so, if you don't wanna show read more link just hide 'Show readmore' from 'Article Layout' tab. select no for 'Title linked'.

- Thanks
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Ater click the icon..
it always will redirect to index.php/13-sample-data-article/demo/features/31-university
how ican change the link..such as i want it go some specific page..

as example..

i want INFO TGP icon will ridrect to page http://www.ipkesihatan.aurashines.com/index.php/pages/about-us-2
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then you can add a button in article by html and link it to your page.
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