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  2. Tuesday, 15 April 2014
I am using the great Helix II template.

I'm trying to define a minimum height to that area.
When i do not have enough content inside it, the heigh is way too short, so i have to settle a minimum height for that.

I've had tried codes inside bootstrap.min and theme.less, but no luck at all!

Can you guys help me?
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Collect the id or class and put your desire height value on the collected id or class. Do this css on your theme.less file. Or better to share your url with more details.
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Hi Sohan,

I've tried to put the code inside theme.less
#system-message-container {
Is that correct?

Using Firebug, i did obtain this samples IDs:

Which one is the right choice to use and how to properly put it inside theme.less?

Unfortunately, the site is still on localhost.

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Where are the experts? Please, consider help me! :(
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Any ideas? I've tried several configurations using the layout builder, with no success at all! :(
The documentation didn't say much about how to properly use the custom classes.

Off topic: We're about to lost an important tool (this forum) and i think the free users gonna suffer from now. And this is so sad...
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