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  2. Tuesday, 14 July 2020
Hi, where I can I find (or how do I create) a blog page like the beautiful example that comes with the Helix Ultimate Quickstart Pack? I haven't found anything in the layouts, blocks or add-ons.
Unfortunately I cannot use the Quickstart Pack due to restrictions by my site administrator.
Thanks, Ralph
Accepted Answer
You may try the below steps:

1. At first, install the Helix Ultimate Quickstart pack on your local
2. Install the Helix Ultimate Template pack in your site
4. Export template settings from local and import in your site
5. You can Export/Import the SP page builder pages from local to your site!
6. For blog pages, you need to create your own articles and show them with a menu!

I hope these help you anyways!

Best Regards
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Hi Rashida,

thanks for the answer, but I have to admit it sounds a bit overwhelming to install a complete Joomla environment on the local computer just to be able to export a few pages.

I would like to make a different suggestion: Why does Joomshaper not simply add the Helix Ultimate Pages to the available layouts in SP Page Builder? This way all users could benefit from the Helix Ultimate layout, even if they weren't able to install the Quickstart Pack for some reason.

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Thanks for your suggestion!
I will convey your message:)

Best Regards
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