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  2. Wednesday, 19 June 2019
How to add url to image overlay?right now in the demo page, only the title is "clickeable", i want to make the all image clickeable, i tried to with the sp page builder option from the feature box addon "URL Will Be Used For" i set it on "both" /(title and icon/image) but the only "clickeable" element is still the title. is there any way to do this? Thanks!
url: mibulldogfrances.com.ar
Accepted Answer
Thanks for your query. Please follow the following steps.
1) Set the url will be used for -> both http://prntscr.com/o472qi
2) Then use the following css into your custom css

.shopin-category-section .sppb-addon-feature:hover:after {
pointer-events: none;

Here is the custom css field https://prnt.sc/ijudw8

-Best Regards
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Thanks Sifat! the best as always!
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You are always welcome :)
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