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  2. Friday, 21 February 2020
my first time using sp page builder, is there more documentation, im using the one that came with my template
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for removing MY ACCOUNT from the top right you have to use this custom CSS

.sp-my-account {
display: none;

And for adding the image in the upper slider you have to follow some steps. As it comes from Joomla's article so first, you have to go, administrator, then content-->articles-->Then search the article which image you wanna change-->Then change it.
I create a screencast it will help you understand it easily
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Could you please share your site URL? And give a screenshot of your problem and mention there which part you want to remove.
And I provide some documentation and tutorial which may help you
2:For more help on SP Page Builder Pro, watch this tutorial:
-Best Regards
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my URL is


need to remove MY ACCOUNT from top right and also how do add images to the very top slider?
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Thank you, I was just not removing the image first in the article before I uploaded mine. I added the CSS also and it worked great. thanks again.
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You are most welcome:)
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