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  2. Thursday, 08 August 2019

I've been tasked by my son's grassroots football (soccer) team, to create them a website and of course Joomla is where my knowledge and ability lies, compared to other CMS or other methods.

I've found Calcio, which seems to be a great template to begin with and then customise / personalise etc from that point forward.

However, I note that this template has only ever had one update, beyond the initial release and this was nearly a year ago.

Therefore, as Joomla 4 will be upon us soon, I am considering a template that is already J4 compatible, or will be in the not too distant future - does / will Calcio fit this bill?

If not, is Calcio basically end of life, due to no real consistent updates?

Thanks in advance.
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sorry for the delay.
Calcio - is based on Helix3 (Boostrap3) , this template is still supported and works with the current version of Joomla.
Yes, probably all helix3 templates will get compatibility updates to work with J4.x otherwise it would be business suicide for us.
Some templates get more often template I agree, but it's related to their popularity. I guess this one would get it soon.
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For sure we don't suggest to use J4.0.0 to production website, it's always better to wait to 4.0.1 at least.
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