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  2. Wednesday, 09 January 2019
How can I put the color of the background of this module?
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Thanks for your query. Please share your site url here. That'll help to solve your issue easily.

-Best Regards
- Site name : http://www.linkups.eu
3 module news , meeting, event
Can each module have a different backround color?

- Other question screenshot
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Thanks for your reply. Please use this css into your custom css to fix that issue.

#sp-position1 {
background: #ccc;
#sp-position2 {
background: #b8ecd6;
#sp-position3 {
background: #cac792;
.mod-languages .lang-inline {
float: right;

Here is the custom css field https://prnt.sc/iqf9mo

-Best Regards

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