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  2. Sunday, 15 May 2011
Is there any posibility to increase Font size of the Text or display as bold text?
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Don't know if you have already found a solution to this issue, but here how I was able to increase the font size.

I'm not a CSS/PHP programmer, so there are probably better ways to do this. I added the "font-size" parameter to two lines in the Style.php file

span.date {font-size:80%;font-style:italic;}
a.news_link {font-size:180%;color:#<?php echo $linkcolor; ?>}


hope this helps.
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I tried adding the 2 lines to the style.css file to no avail. My scroll text is at the top, instead of the middle. Here is what mine looks like: http://www.globalbusinesscafe.com

I would like to bold the text and have it scroll in the middle of the space.

My module sits in the logo position. Tried it in the "top" position but it will not show up.

Any suggestions?
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To increase the text font size you need to add the below code

In order to increase date font size add code
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