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Please help me to change/add the styling or settings for the higlighted module with a light (yellow) background and dark (violet) font color. Where and how to add/change these settings please. Thank you.
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For creating a new suffix class go to module.less file. You will found it in this path: templates\shaper_helix_ii\less. Open module.less file. Here you found the default classes. Just add a new class here and customize it.
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If you want to use those suffix classes then go to module manager and open any module. Then go to the Advanced Options. Here you will be able to use suffix classes. See the screenshot also: https://copy.com/0DhKjZuHxszs
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Thanks for the reply. I know that already. Now I need to change or add new color styling or new suffixes with its own colors, not the ones that are packaged in the template.

You see, all the default styling that comes with the Helix-II framework have dark colors for background and WHITE font. I need to change at least the highlighted style to yellow background and violet font color. Thanks.
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